PHOTOS: What Stock Exchanges Look Like All Around The World

Indonesia stock exchange

Everyday, the global marketplace works itself through traders, brokers and exchanges.

Around the world, exchanges allow companies to issue securities and other financial products, and brokers to help buy and sell stocks on behalf of clients. The exchanges themselves help the global economy run smoothly, and are a significant part of the worldwide financial network.

So, we bring you inside the world of these storied exchanges…

Here's German's Frankfurt Stock Exchange...

Remember when their employees dressed up last Halloween? We still do.

The Buenos Aires Stock Exchange

The Indonesia Stock Exchange in Jakarta

This photo was taken in 2008 as fears of a global financial crisis hit Indonesia and the exchange had to be closed for a week.

The lobby of the London Stock Exchange is bright and airy.

We couldn't find any photos from the stock exchange's trading floor, but here's a vintage photo of what it looked like in 1968

The Euronext Exchange in Amsterdam is empty with few workers due to the rise in electronic trading.

The Taiwan Stock Exchange in Taipei

The entrance to the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange is in the middle of a merger with the Osaka Stock Exchange.

The Wiener Boerse, or the Vienna Stock Exchange, in Austria.

And we can't forget about the exchanges right here in America....

Here are traders inside the New York Stock Exchange.

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