Take A Tour Of Billionaire Richard Branson's Ski Chalet, Which You Can Rent For $180,000 A Week

If you’re looking to make a trip to the Swiss Alps this winter, consider a stay at Richard Branson’s ski chalet.

A property in the the Virgin Limited Edition collection, the Lodge is a nine-bedroom mansion that can be rented for between $US88,000 and $US180,000 a week, depending on the season.

Amazing features include an on-site masseuse, Michelin-trained chef, and indoor and outdoor pools. 

The Lodge is located in Verbier, one of the most iconic villages in the Swiss Alps.

You can ski into the property, and there's a place to store all of your equipment.

This lodge is massive -- it can accommodate up to 18 adults and 6 children.

The living room is spacious and comfortable. Pebbles, the chalet dog, relaxes by the fire.

A staff of 12, including a Michelin-starred chef, takes care of guests during their stay.

Breakfast, lunch, and three-course dinners are included in the weekly fee.

There's also an on-site masseuse.

There's a total of nine bedrooms, each with their own comfortable seating area.

There are also two master suites.

They both have giant fireplaces.

This one has a separate lounge with an impressive light fixture.

And a bathroom with a freestanding tub.

There's plenty of room for kids in the bunkroom.

This party room has lots of wine storage.

And the game room is a great place for big groups to hang out.

The lodge has an outdoor Jacuzzi that's great for winding down after a day on the slopes.

But if it's too cold outside, you could swim in the indoor pool instead.

Verbier is a beautiful place to visit in the summer, too.

The lodge has big windows that open to the outside.

Or you can relax in a hammock in the front yard.

The Swiss Alps are a gorgeous vacation destination, assuming you're willing to shell out the cash.

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