Take A Peek At The Supercars Of The New York Auto Show

Photo: Travis Okulski / Business Insider

Even though the biggest debut at the New York Auto Show was the 2013 SRT Viper, there were a number of other supercars on display that were pure eye candy.Manufacturers from Lamborghini to McLaren and Lotus to Spyker were represented with some absolutely fantastic sheetmetal.

Each one will inspire a different amount of lust from each showgoer, but in certain cases, that’s the point. Many of these act as an object of desire for the brands they represent.

While they do not necessarily add to the bottom line, they will get customers into showrooms. But more than that, these are an exercise to let the engineers go wild show how much passion they have for their jobs and cars.

BMW's new M6 and M6 Cabriolet made debuts at the show. With 560 horsepower and 500 pound feet of torque, this thing is a monster.

Jaguar Design Chief Ian Callum told me I have to drive the new XKR-S. I believe him and will be doing it as soon as I can.

The Viper looks awesome and is sure to get some more people into Chrysler showrooms very soon.

The Lamborghini Aventador looks like a stealth fighter for the road in pictures. It just looks like pure evil in person.

Small Dutch manufacturer Spyker had this C8 tucked in a corner of the show.

Mercedes' SL65 AMG made its world debut in New York. This is definitely the softer side of a high performance car. But with 621 horsepower and 740 pound feet of torque, it sure should be fast.

Lotus had four Evoras on site, including an awesome GT4 race car

This Veyron is the first we've seen in person. It was a Grand Sport Blanc Noir, which means it costs more than the GDP of a developing nation.

Some may find the McLaren MP4-12C underwhelming in photos, but in person it is absolutely amazing.

The Audi R8 GT Spyder looks great in this matte blue.

Nissan's supercar killer, the GT-R, just keeps getting faster and faster. Even if it costs around $100,000, it is still an amazing performance bargain.

Finally, BMW brought its vision for the future for the supercar: The range-extended electric i8. It definitely looks the part.

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