INFOGRAPHIC: This Is How The Presidential Candidates’ Tax Proposals Really Stack Up

As is with all Presidential elections in the United States, taxes are again central to the political discussion around who will be the best man to lead our nation. Will it be President Obama for a second term? Or will the stable of Republican challengers win the day? We don’t have a crystal ball here but what we do have is The Tax Institute at H&R Block.

The big brains over at The Tax Institute have been hard at work crunching the numbers associated with the various candidates tax plans. Below is a great data visualisation, or infographic, on what each candidate is proposing and what it means for you and your family.

Fresh on the heels of the Iowa Caucus, and this week’s New Hampshire primary, some candidates have dropped out while others are hanging on for dear life. The candidates represented in our graphic are still in the race and have presented an idea of what tax policy they would pursue as President.

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Presidential tax proposals comparison infographic

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