Take A Look At The Cool Artwork That Was Inspired By The Smartest People In Tech

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Photo: Business Insider / Matthew Lynley

The TechCrunch Disrupt conference made its way to New York this month — bringing with it some of the most well-known investors and entrepreneurs in New York and Silicon Valley.There was a lot of content at the show.

Luckily, artists Heather Klar and “Nora” were at the show, and literally drew posters of each presentation that distill most of the major points of the show into single pictures.

When you're building a startup in New York, you'll face a lot of different challenges compared to San Francisco. But there's a huge, culturally diverse pool of talent — not just engineers.

Union Square Ventures partner Fred Wilson said angel investors are the most important part of the investing ecosystem — and, yes, IPOs are back.

It's hard to find good recruits, but it's even harder to have two offices on different coasts. You'll have to make sure both offices are having fun if you're going to keep them happy.

There's so much content and data on the internet that we're losing our identity, says tech guru Andrew Keane.

Tumblr has 10 times as many employees as they had last year — it's one of New York's biggest success stories. That's very important for the New York tech ecosystem.

ZocDoc is another big success story for New York. It has about 260 employees now.

Google's M&A boss David Lawee popped in to reiterate that, yes, most of Google's acquisitions are successful. We've heard this many, many times.

Companies that are growing consistently deserve a high growth multiple, says former OpenTable CEO Jeff Jordan.

Most venture capital firms have a scout program, where they give CEOs in New York money to fund startups and entrepreneurs, Roelof Botha confirmed.

Brooklyn is becoming another hotspot for startups, too, says Betaworks CEO John Borthwick.

It's important to create a startup and test it locally, though, to see if it catches on, say several Brooklyn-based entrepreneurs.

There's always Facebook for your business, though. Facebook has become indispensable as a platform to build businesses, says Kleiner Perkins partner Chi-Hua Chien.

Cornell is also starting a New York-based tech campus — which is geared toward finding entrepreneurs that want to have a big amount of social impact.

TechCrunch, a Silicon Valley-based tech blog, actually made AOL cool again, said CEO Tim Armstrong. AOL wants to be a big content platform.

That's TechCrunch disrupt in a nutshell...

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