Take A Look At Sears' Little-Known Online Sex Toy Store

Sears sexSearsSears’ ‘Elegant Moments’ line.

Everybody knows Sears. It’s the place you go to buy basics. Maybe a new hammer or a socket set. It’s the strip-mall anchor giant that hedge fund investor
Eddie Lampert has spent years trying to turn around.

And now it’s also an online sex store.

Jezebel, the feminist culture blog, noticed this link on Sears.com that leads to a “leather adjustable harness” for men. (There’s no graphic nudity, but don’t click if you work in a conservative environment.) Click on that, and you land on a page that appears to be the online equivalent of Sears’ back room, the one with a red neon sign that says “adults only.”

If you want a leather collar with chains, a “spanking skirt,” or a pair of handcuffs, this is the place. Come see the softer side of Sears, whatever that now means.

In reality, what appears to be happening is that Sears’ site is carrying the full Elegant Moments brand line. EM is perhaps best-known as one of those companies that sells Halloween costumes in October pop-up stores. During the rest of the year, however, it sells sexy lingerie and adult toys. Sears.com seems to be auto-populating its search results with items from EM’s entire inventory, and when you search for more items from EM, like this relatively innocent strapless minidress, you get a little bit more than you bargained for.

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