A French company has designed a fully electric, asymmetric concept sports car that’s ‘a vision of 2035’ — here’s what it is like

  • The DS X E-TENSE is a luxury concept that imagines what sports cars could look like in 2035.
  • It features a unique asymmetric design with a cockpit for the driver.
  • The E-TENSE would be completely electric and autonomous.

The DS X E-TENSE is a new concept car created by DS Automobiles. It’s an imagining of what a sports car could look like in 2035.

The car is completely electric and self-driving, but uniquely it’s also asymmetric. It features a racing style cockpit for the driver, and a sealed cocoon for passengers to travel in comfort.

The cocoon is made to be relaxing, the upholstery is detailed with goose feathers, and the chair doubles as a massager. It even has a coffee machine built in.

While the car only appears to fit two, a third smaller seat can be folded out within the cocoon for an extra passenger.

Besides the comfort of the cocoon the car is built for speed, it has a carbon fibre chassis and 1,000 kilowatts of power. That’s the equivalent of around 1,360 horsepower.

Produced by Charlie Floyd. Filmed by David Ibekwe.

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