Look At These Beautiful 2012 Olympic Ticket Designs—Here's Today's Ad Brief

london ticket olympic 2012

Photo: creativity

The ticket designs for the London Olympics have been officially unveiled. They were designed by Futurebrand, Interpublic’s brand consultancy, and include the purchaser’s name, holograms, and a graphic for the particular event. This is much better that the 2012 Olympic logo, which has various dirty interpretations.Here’s how Gawker plans to monetise its comments. 

Roman Polanski has released a short for Prada which will debut at Cannes. It stars a very famous duo.

BlueKai and Nerve centre, VivaKi’s R&D unity, have created a new data platform called Audience Insights.

The Muppets and J&J’s Band-Aid brand have joined forces to create an iPhone or iPad app where users can scan a Muppet-themed Band-Aid (as if it were a QR code) and then Muppets appear. (Trust us, it’s cool).

Jack Bamberger is the new head of digital operations at MEC. He was previously at Dentsu America.

Infiniti has changed the location of its headquarters from Japan to Hong Kong.

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