Take A Closer Look At The Icon For Apple's Terrible Maps App

iPhones used to come with Google Maps, but Apple booted Google after the two companies were unable to negotiate a new deal.

The whole thing fell apart over turn-by-turn directions.

The problem for Apple is, everyone (well, almost everyone) hates their maps app.

It’s bad at directions, and some of the satellite photos are so distorted they make cities look like they were attacked by the Cloverfield monster.

Given all this, it is pretty funny that, when you take a closer look at the icon Apple has made for its iPhone maps app, you realise that the directions in the app make no sense. They are actually wildly dangerous.

Entrepreneur Nik Cubrilovic noticed this, and made an awesome illustration pointing it out:

Apple Maps icon

Techmeme editor Gabe Rivera made this map, showing what the direction should actually look like:

what apple map icon should look like

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