Take A Closer Look At Taxis From Around The World

Ferrari Taxi

Photo: Youtube

If you live in New York, you might assume that all taxis around the world are just yellow cars that take you from place to place.You’d be very wrong.

While the Crown Vic (and soon the Nissan NV200) has dominated the New York scene for years, other countries have not been close to following suit.

Some cities have run-of-the-mill hatchbacks while others are full of $400,000 luxury cars. Basically, they run the gamut from the mundane to the sublime.

New York City: The famous yellow Fords are due to be replaced in 2013 with this, the Nissan NV200.

New York City: The outer boroughs are going to be using a new, apple green colour on its cabs. We aren't fans of the colour.

Stuttgart: German cars run wild as taxis throughout the country. Mercedes' E-Class is a popular choice.

Shanghai: Locally built Volkswagens dominate as the choice for cabbies in Shanghai.

Tokyo: The Toyota Crown can be seen all over bustling Tokyo.

London: The famous London taxis have maintained the same shape for ages. Manufacturer LTI has made a number of subtle updates over the years.

Azerbaijan: Baku, Azerbaijan's capital, is now rolling in London Taxis. The difference is that they are painted deep purple.

Paris: It seems in Paris you just stick a taxi sign on whatever type of car you'd like and start driving it around.

New Delhi: The three-wheel Tuk Tuk is still prevalent in New Delhi.

Kenya: Kenya's Coast Province also uses the Tuk Tuk to get people around.

Mexico City: You can still find the original VW Beetle being pressed into service on the streets of Mexico City.

West Bank: As you can see, Israel's West Bank has a veritable cornucopia of different cars for hire.

Buenos Aires: This Renault R12 is decked out in the typical taxi livery of Buenos Aires.

Moscow: There are some crazy cabs in Moscow. This $400,000 Maybach 62 is just one of the wilder rides roaming the streets.

Venice: How did you expect to get around in Venice? In a car? Don't be silly.

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