Take A Tour Of Warren Buffett's Office, Guided By The Oracle Himself

Warren Buffett

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Investing guru Warren Buffett is well known for his penchant for his hometown of Omaha and living a simple and modest lifestyle.Last month, for CBS’ Person To Person show, Warren Buffett took hosts Charlie Rose and Lara Logan on a tour of his Berkshire Hathaway offices in Omaha, NE.

Just a brief walkthrough shows just how personal Buffett’s office is—the walls hang with sports memorabilia and photos of family. There’s an amusing anecdote that accompanies every item in the office.

Buffett has been investing out of his Omaha offices for nearly 50 years—apparently his landlord keeps the rent low. So come see where all the magic happens.

Buffett is the guide on this tour, Berkshire Hathaway has been based in this building for over 50 years.

A cabinet of football memorabilia.

A University of Nebraska at Lincoln football helmet signed by former coach Tom Osborne. There's also a miniature Buffett next to it.

Buffett has his employees touch this every morning, so they can be as successful at investing as Notre Dame is at football.

Down a hallway of sports-related photos. Buffett is pointing to a picture of former Red Sox Ted Williams, he takes a lot of tips from Williams' book 'The Science Of Hitting.'

Buffett with Tiger Woods. Buffett was his caddy for an event in Iowa; Buffett joked that Woods gave him a bad tip.

Now down to Buffett's office!

The office is filed with photos of people that are important to Buffett.

Hanging prominently is a 1942 campaign photo of Buffett's father when he ran for Congress.

Notice how the office has no computers, the phone is the most prominent piece of technology. Buffett says all he needs is paper documents and the phone.

Buffett spent $100 to take a Dale Carnegie course when he was 21 because he was terrified of public speaking. The course helped him propose to his wife.

Next to the Dale Carnegie certificate is the Presidential Medal of Freedom Buffett received from President Barack Obama in 2010.

A baseball signed by legends such as Willie Mays, Ted Williams, Joe Dimaggio, etc. Buffett said it is a present from a friend.

There's a World Book Encyclopedia set on Buffett's shelf.

It's no secret that Buffett and music mogul Jay Z are good friends, here's a signed copy of Forbes from when both Jay Z and Buffett graced the cover.

Buffett shows off photos of his children.

There's a bonus photo at the bottom: Microsoft founder Bill Gates with the Berkshire Board of Directors, sharing milkshakes!

That's all now, bye bye!

Here is the tour in video form

Maybe this will compensate for the fact that we don't get to see Buffett's house>

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