Terrifying video shows a Taiwan tornado swallowing a car

Screen Shot 2015 08 10 at 3.46.35 PMYouTubeA ‘mini-tornado’ on a Tainin City, Taiwan road

A typhoon with a bad attitude has crept up on Taiwan and China, leaving 120-mph sustained winds and fatal landslides in its wake. 

The hard-hitting typhoon, which has barreled through both countries since July 29, has killed 28 people and left more missing, according to Weather.com.

More than 500 flights and nearly 200 train rides have been canceled as a result of the storm.

The dash cam footage of Typhoon Soudelor provides a horrifying encounter with a tornado that spun off from the tropical storm from the driver’s point of view. At first, it looks like a typical drive through a stormy area, but the events escalate as the car in front starts flying and a seriously injured woman sits, battered, on the side of the road. 

The dashcam date is incorrect, as the Washington Post noted  — the date of the video is actually Sunday, August 9. Watch the terrifying tornado up close below:

Zoom hundreds of miles out, and this is what the super typhoon looks like in space in a time lapse from the International Space Station:

NOW WATCH: Experience what it’s like to be in the center of a powerful storm in this time-lapse video

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