Taiwan Is Now Strapping These 'Carrier Killer' Missiles To Even Its Smallest Patrol Boats

Brave Wind Missile

Photo: Wikipedia Commons

As China continues sea trials of its new aircraft carrier and expands its navy to untold proportions, Taiwan is doing more than sitting idly by.The AFP reports the island nation is arming its naval fleet with the “carrier killer” hypersonic missiles called Brave Wind III.

The Brave Wind is a locally developed rocket about which little is known save that it exceeds Mach 2 and was designed specifically to target China’s surface ships and new carrier, the former Soviet Varyag.

Part of that design required the Brave Wind to outperform the Russian Sunburn missiles deployed by the Chinese navy.

The China Times said Taiwan intends to load 120 of the missiles on its fleet, including the smaller patrol boats that guard the coast, at a cost of over $400 million.

Always concerned with China’s plans for reunification of the island, Taiwan unveiled the Brave Wind on the same day last fall that the PLAN began the Varyag’s first sea trial.

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