6 Reasons Why Tahiti's Soccer Team Is Your New favourite Sports Team

Tahiti lost to Nigeria in the Confederations Cup 6-1 yesterday.

All things considered, it was a huge win for Tahiti. The tiny island nation is ranked 138th in the world, and only one player on the entire team plays professional soccer.

The Confederations Cup is a competition between the best teams on every continent. It’s Brazil, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Nigeria, Japan, Uruguay, and …. Tahiti!

This is your new favourite team. 

1. Only one player is a professional, some of their jobs include: delivery man, truck driver, gym teacher, and accountant.

tahiti confederations cup 2013

2. One player, Teheivarii Ludivon, climbs coconut trees for a living.

coconut tree climber

3. They do awesome celebrations (via For The Win)

For The Win

4. They’re official Twitter account is fantastic.

5. Their goals are beautiful, even when they accidentally score on themselves.


6. They scored on Nigeria and they don’t even play professional soccer!


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