A mystery new Taco Bell product is being launched at the Super Bowl

Taco bellBy othermore on FlickrTaco Bell is keeping tight-lipped about what its Super Bowl product launch will be.

Taco Bell used a press release with the key words redacted to announce that it will introduce a new, mystery product during a 30-second advert at Super Bowl 50.

The fast food giant claims that the clip will unveil “one of its biggest product launches to date.”

The Mexican-inspired restaurant chain announced on Thursday that it will return to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2013, with an ad in the 1st quarter.

The price of a 30-second Super Bowl ad slot this year has soared 11% year-on-year to $5 million. This year’s big game will be broadcast on CBS on February 7.

Taco Bell’s redacted press release says:

“This is the first time in … history that a … and … are coming together — and it’s happening on … . For those who can’t wait until .. to try the … Taco Bell is inviting fans to join in the excitement by … the … on Ta.co starting February … . To the delight of …-lovers everywhere, … will be available February … days … its … .”

It’s fun to play fill in the blanks with this.

Chris Brandt, chief concept and brand officer for Taco Bell, said: “We aren’t revealing details of our spot until the big game, but we will have ways for our fans to engage with us in the weeks leading up to Super Bowl 50. This build up will pay off with one of the most exciting announcements from the Taco Bell brand to date.”

See below for the full statement:

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