Taco Bell just revealed its hyped mystery new item

Quesalupa taco bellAlfredo Flores/ TwitterSome had the chance to try the new item yesterday.

Taco Bell has been hyping a new mystery food item in the build up to the Super Bowl. It was “revealed” ahead of the Super kick-off this evening.

It’s called the quesalupa.

The Tex-Mex snack is a mix between a chalupa and a quesadilla. The fried flatbread is stuffed with cheese. Inside its filled with the usual filling of a chalupa: meat, salad and more cheese. It will be on general sale for $2.99 tomorrow.

But Taco Bell did not keep the secret very well. The fast-food giant offered Tex-Mex lovers the chance to pre-order the item to eat a couple of days before its official release.

So some people tried it yesterday. There are already lots of reviews of the next product on YouTube.

People are calling it “delicious.”

Taco Bell used a press release with the key words redacted to announce its plan to introduce a new product during Super Bowl 50.

Here’s the statement:

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