Taco Bell Is Testing Out A New Waffle Taco For Breakfast

taco bell waffle taco

With a trial run of a new Waffle Taco, it looks like Taco Bell wants to be much more than just burritos, tacos, and quesadillas.

Fresh off the debut of its “low-end menu,” the chain is testing out an all-new breakfast treat — scrambled eggs and sausage inside a folded waffle — at select southern California locations, according to The Daily Meal. A syrup packet is also included.

FoodBeast is not surprised:

Novelty is key here — Orange County’s foodie scene has been gravitating to the idea of utilising waffles as a vessel for sandwiches for some time now. Over the past couple years, new restaurants like Bruxie and The Iron Press have been pushing gourmet waffle sandwiches to the locals — panini sandwiches with waffles as the bread.

The trend found its way to the mainstream, with both Dunkin’ doughnuts and Jack in the Boxreleasing their own versions of a waffle sandwich over the past couple years. Now Taco Bell is joining in on the action, testing their tacofied version of the waffle in some select Orange County, CA locations.

First reports of the new item came from Instagram user Sarah Chavez, who took a photo of it and hash-tagged it as “#itsdelicious.” Chavez also commented on the photo, saying “it was awesome!”

FoodBeast followed up on the rumoured breakfast item and found it for 89 cents on the menu and available until 11 A.M.

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