We tried Taco Bell's answer to the Chicken McNugget that's rolling out nationwide -- here's the verdict

Taco Bell is rolling out its own version of one of the biggest fast-food classics around: chicken nuggets.

The Mexican fast-food chain is launching Naked Chicken Chips nationwide on May 11. The spicy triangular fried chicken bites are served with dippable nacho cheese, and will cost $US1.99 for six chips.

The national launch of chicken chips follows in the footsteps of Taco Bell’s Naked Chicken Chalupa, which debuted in January. Instead of a traditional tortilla shell, the Naked Chicken Chalupa had a fried chicken shell that held lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese.

The Naked Chicken Chips will use the same fried chicken as the chalupa, just in chip form and feature the welcome addition of nacho cheese.

Business Insider recently had the opportunity to visit Taco Bell’s headquarters and test out the chicken chips.

Taco Bell Crispy chickenBusiness InsiderNaked chicken chips versus McDonald’s McNuggets.

If you’re ordering these chips expecting a slightly spicier chicken nugget, you’ll be disappointed. Taco Bell’s chicken chips are thinner and crispier that a traditional chicken nugget.

The chips are not super-spicy by any stretch of the imagination, but they pack a distinct punch of flavour — definitely more spicy than a nugget you’d get at McDonald’s or Burger King. For fans of Wendy’s spicy nugget, which was cut from the menu earlier this year, this could perhaps be a suitable replacement in terms of spice, if not in nugget-y nature.

The nacho sauce pairing is another smart move from Taco Bell to distinguish the chicken chips from their chicken nugget brethren. It’s a pretty classic Taco Bell nacho sauce — just a small step up from what you’d find at the movie theatre concession stand — but it melds well with the chips, standing up to their crunch in a way where ketchup would fall short.

Taco Bell originally tested the chicken chips in select markets, including Irvine, California, last summer. The chips are part of the chain’s efforts to add more fried chicken to the menu, as fast-food chains are increasingly obsessed with the dish.

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