Taco Bell has a menu item that could kill nachos forever, but it isn't available in the US -- yet

Taco Bell UK loaded friesTaco Bell UKTaco Bell UK’s fully loaded fries.

As Taco Bell continues to roll out new menu items, like Crispy Chicken Chips and 
the Naked Chicken Chalupa, there’s one thing they have refused to bring to America: loaded fries. 

Taco Bell locations around the world serve variations on loaded fries.

In Japan, loaded fries come with cheddar and nacho cheese, beef, sour cream, and green onions. Taco Bell Guatemala has an entire fry menu, and Latin American Taco Bell locations serve up “Papas Supreme.” In Chile, in addition to loaded fries, there’s even a burrito stuffed with fries. Taco Bell in Canada serves Fries Supreme, Cheesy Fries, and Chilli Cheese Fries. 

Why can’t the chain do the same in the US? 

While many Americans who visit other countries’ fry-serving Taco Bells are initially confused, others are demanding the US start serving the dish. 

Currently, the chain does serve cheesy fiesta potatoes, which can be topped with a variety of toppings, from beef to bacon. But no fries… yet.

“We’ve tested fries in the US previously,” Taco Bell spokesperson Laura Nedbal told Business Insider. “We’re always looking for new items to test, so if we see a good fit for a particular region, we would never say never to testing them again.” 

The Mexican fast-food chain is in a phase of experimenting with new ways of serving up fried chicken. Its Crispy Chicken Chips are described as “wedge-shaped chicken tenders” and its Naked Chicken Chalupa is essentially a taco that swaps a tortilla for fried chicken. 

Since Taco Bell’s loaded fries are already a hit around the world, they could be the perfect match for the next wave of menu item testing.

American customers deserve a chance to try the nacho-fries mashup — and, if they prove the demand exists in the US, the test could become reality. 

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