Taco Bell Has Big Plans For Its New Upscale Menu

taco bell cantina

Photo: Kim Bhasin, Business Insider

Taco Bell launched its Cantina Menu — an upscale menu addition created by celebrity chef Lorena Garcia — back in July, but it only consists of bowls and burritos.Now, things are getting much more serious in the fight against fast casual concepts like Chipotle.

There are a bunch of new items in the works, like a chicken Caesar burrito, fresh roasted salsa and a new quesadilla, reports Nancy Luna at the OC Register.

Not only that, but Taco Bell’s revamping its steak. It plans to roll out the new version nationwide next January.

The Cantina Menu appears to be doing pretty well so far. Taco Bell parent Yum! Brands spokesperson Rob Poetsch tells Nation’s Restaurant News that the company is “very pleased” with the results, which have exceeded expectations.

We’ll see some numbers when Yum! reports its Q3 on October 9th.

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