I've tried every item on Taco Bell's menu -- here's the best thing you can order

Taco BellTaco Bell FacebookNext time you’re at Taco Bell, treat yourself to a crunchwrap supreme.

I freely admit it: I’m a shameless Taco Bell fan.

It started in high school: With a newly-minted driver’s licence, free reign until curfew, and nothing better to do in the suburbs, my best friend and I frequented Taco Bell about once a week. We’d play a game where we had to try something we’d never tasted before, slowly but surely making our way through the menu.

I kept the tradition alive even after heading off to college — we had a Taco Bell right on campus! Even today, I make a point of trying every new item that hits the menu.

After tasting every carb-y, cheesy combination the chain has dreamt up, I can tell you that some items are better than others. And despite the recent marketing campaign calling the quesalupa “the next big thing,” in my opinion, the best thing you can order is the classic Crunchwrap Supreme.

The Crunchwrap encompasses every flavour and texture without being too much. It’s both crunchy and chewy, thanks to a crisp taco shell in the middle and a warm tortilla wrapped around the outside.

You get both shredded cheese and warm, molten nacho cheese. The latter is probably not so much actual cheese as it is an amalgamation of processed ingredients, but it’s tasty, and that’s all that matters.

The lettuce and tomato provide a fresh kick that balances out the heaviness of the meat and cheese, and sour cream adds a burst of coolness.

Crunchwrap Supreme Taco BellTaco Bell/FacebookTaco Bell’s crunchwrap supreme combines a multitude of textures and flavours without being overwhelming.

Unlike nachos or a taco, the Crunchwrap’s shape also makes it easy to eat anywhere without spilling. You can take it on the go, dig in while riding in a car, and finish it without half ending up on the table — or your shirt.

And you can’t overlook one major perk: the price. It’s cheap, even compared to other Taco Bell items. For only $3.19, the crunchwrap serves as a filling meal all on its own.

By comparison, the quesalupa clocks in at $2.99 a pop, and I have to eat two to be as full as I feel from one crunchwrap. Tacos are only $1.19 each, but I don’t even want to think about how many of those I can down in one sitting.

So the next time you’re at Taco Bell — drunk or sober, I’m not here to judge — take it from someone who’s tried every item on the menu and go with the Crunchwrap Supreme. Don’t forget to top it off with plenty of fire sauce.

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