10 Of The Tackiest Homes For Sale Right Now

worst decorated home

Photo: Sotheby’s Realty

Money doesn’t buy taste, but at least it can get you an interior decorator. There are some homes on the market that are in serious need of a makeover. It’s really no wonder they aren’t selling. 

After browsing what’s currently for sale, we’ve pulled together some of the houses we love to hate because of their awful decor.

This $600,000 Monroe Township, N.J. home looks like it was decorated by a Smurf. Several rooms are this same awful shade of blue.

Yes, this is a child's room, but it hurts our eyes. The other three bedrooms in the house need some redecorating, too.

This $19.9 million mansion in Georgia was featured on HGTV's Million Dollar Rooms. But we think it's hideous.

The room is ridiculously ostentatious.

This condo in Garden City, NY is on sale for $599,000. Everything inside really clashes.

This $549,000 house in Naples, Fla. is extremely gaudy.

The bed is far too tall for this room. And the fireplace is out of place in a bedroom.

This $14.99 million mansion in Centre Island, NY was inspired by Marie-Antoinette's Le Petite Trianon In Versailles.

But that doesn't mean that it's tasteful.

This $895,000 apartment in Beverly Hills has way too much going on inside.

The condo was built in 1982, and looks as if it hasn't been re-decorated since. And the owners already appear to be packing up.

The owners of this $2.45 million mansion in Chicago used one too many colours on the kitchen walls.

We admire the bright colours, but everything really clashes. The rest of the house is just as eccentric.

This Atlanta home is on sale for $269,000. The horse statue is hideous.

And the animal skin rug is too much for us.

This $398,000 North Carolina home has the worst kitchen on the list.

The wall paper has birds on it. It's just too busy for our taste.

This $799,000 home in Phoenix, AZ has an awful mustard-colour accent wall.

The great room has too many design elements, with the lime green walls and modern art.

Looking for inspiration to re-do your kitchen?

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