Tabloid Headkicker Col Allan Is Taking A Break From The NY Post To Pitch In At News Corp Australia

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New York post editor-in-chief Col Allan is leaving the paper for a few months to come to Australia to provide “extra editorial leadership” to newspapers such as the Herald-Sun and The Daily Telegraph.

Allan is from Australia, and is a tabloid journalism legend. He famously once took Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to a strip club.

In a memo to the company, News Corp chief executive Robert Thomson said Allan would temporarily be in the publisher’s Australian offices from Monday to provide “additional editorial direction at a particularly challenging time.”

News Corp’s Australian papers have suffered from declining circulation figures. Last month the global media giant split its publishing and film assets into separately-listed companies, injecting the publishing arm with $2.6 billion in cash.

Rumours of a possible return to Sydney for Allan, who was previously editor of The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph, has been circulating in media circles for more than a year.

Under Allan’s leadership the New York Post, an archetypal tabloid, has made headlines of its own after bold editorial decisions.

An associate of Allan’s Graydon Carter said this of him to the New York Magazine in 2007: “Col is a very engaging man, And he can drink just about anybody I know, with the exception of Christopher Hitchens, under many tables. He’s got real Aussie blood in him.”

Here’s the memo, via Capital:

Dear Colleagues

I am writing to inform you of a temporary change we are undertaking to provide our Australian newspapers with additional editorial direction at a particularly challenging time.

I have asked Col Allan, Editor-in-Chief of the New York Post, to spend the next two or three months working with Kim Williams and providing extra editorial leadership for our papers, which are in the midst of an important period of transition in our key markets.

Col, who will be in our Australian offices next Monday, will return to his position as Editor-in-Chief of the New York Post following the assignment. In his temporary absence, Jesse Angelo, the Publisher (and a former Executive Editor) of the Post, will oversee our very talented journalistic team.

I would like to thank Col for taking on this project. It will be invaluable for our papers in Australia to have the benefit of his insight, expertise and talent. I am also grateful to Jesse for his willingness to accept additional responsibilities during this time. His talent and dedication are greatly appreciated.

The ability to utilize our assets globally and across platforms is a core strength of the new News Corp – we all have much to learn from each other.

Robert Thomson

Read the full New York Magazine profile here.

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