Tablets Heat Up In The Enterprise

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Tablets aren’t just a leisure device. According to a ChangeWave Research survey of 1,604 corporate IT buyers, 22 per cent said they would buy tablets for their employees this quarter. The iPad is unsurprisingly the tablet of choice for corporate buyers, 84 per cent of companies buying tablets planned to opt for the iPad.

Coupled with other recent news, the study indicates that tablets are beginning to gain traction in the enterprise. For example, Forrester Research predicted that IT departments would spend $10 billion on iPads this year, up from $6 billion the year before. That still pales in comparison to the amount spent on PCs, but it’s a start.

In our tablet market forecast, we argue that the enterprise is a huge potential growth market for tablets. In particular, we believe companies will be attracted to the highly customisable nature of tablets that let them develop function-specific apps for employees.

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iPad In The Enterprise

Photo: ChangeWave Research

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