TABLE: The new home loan rates for owner-occupier loans at the big four banks

Cameron Spencer/ Getty Images.

Three of the big four banks have now raised rates on standard variable rate home loans for owner-occupiers.

The Commonwealth Bank, Westpac and NAB, citing rising cost of funds, all announced small increases rates for their owner-occupier home loans.

The ANZ broke ranks to kept its standard variable rate for owner-occupiers steady, only increasing the rate for interest only loans.

The Commonwealth was today the last to announce that its standard variable rate for owner-occupier home loan customers repaying principal and interest will increase 3 basis points to 5.25%.

This is the equal lowest rate, along with the ANZ, among the big four.

Here are the new rates for variable rate owner occupier home loans:

Rates for investor loans have also increased.

The Commonwealth’s standard variable rate for principal and interest investment home loans will increase by 24 basis points to 5.80%. Interest only investment home loans will rise by 26 basis points to 5.94%.

The ANZ increased the variable interest rate paid by property investors by 0.25% of a percentage point to 5.85% from 5.60%. Interest only investor variable rate home loans will rise by 0.11% to 5.96% from 5.85%.

Westpac’s variable residential investment property loan rate will increase by 0.23 of a percentage point to 5.79%. The interest only rate will rise by 0.28 of a percentage point to 5.96%.

NAB’s variable rate for residential investment loans will rise by 0.25 percentage points to 5.80%.

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