TABLE TENNIS PLAYER: Greg Smith's Goldman Bio Had 'One Big Lie'

Details continue to emerge about the mysterious Greg Smith, whose public resignation from Goldman Sachs this week has been the buzz of Wall Street.

If you recall, in his letter he highlighted his success in table tennis at the Maccabiah Games (the Jewish Olympics) as an example of an achievement that was achieved honestly… unlike his profits for Goldman.

Table Tennis Nation has done more digging into his background, talking to fellow table tennis players, and mostly they remember him fondly, though there is one issue with his Goldman bio.

Rainer Sztab, who ran the club Smith played at in South Africa–Gauteng Maccabi Table Tennis Club, said Smith was “a stand-up kid, he always did what was right….very bright and really well liked and behaved”

Sztab also confirmed that Greg Smith competed in the Maccabiah games in 1993 (as a junior) and again in 1997 as a senior. One thing Sztab said really stood out, Smith’s Goldman Sachs bio had at least one big lie.

The Goldman Sachs bio said Smith “was captain of the South American national table tennis team” which Sztab says is not true. We cannot confirm it, but it is possible Smith was the captain of the Maccabiah team which would make him captain of A South American national table tennis team, but not THE team that competes in International competition like the Olympics that the bio seems to imply. We know that corporate bios are usually written by third parties and at the end of the day aren’t all that important, but it seems like someone touting table tennis as a sign of integrity would have taken issue with this error.

Greg Smith

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