UPSIDE AND DOWNSIDE: An Excellent Overview Of The US Economy In 2013

Earth Aligns

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Alan Levenson, chief economist for T. Rowe Price, has put together an excellent primer on the state of the U.S. economy and the outlook for 2013.”The good things that are happening are in the private sector of the economy, where there’s been a great deal of restructuring and adjustment in the wake of the financial crisis that internally self-regenerating part of the recovery gaining traction,” says Levenson.

“The not good is the uncertainty, and particularly in the policy and the external arena that continues to apply a brake on growth, and this has to do with uncertainty over the fiscal cliff, the fact that we’re tightening fiscal policy at all levels of government, and uncertainties in the global environment, and so that I net this out to a not very inspiring outlook for next year.”

What follows is a very quick and concise overview of the economy.

Thanks to T. Rowe Price for giving us permission to feature this presentation.

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