This Adorable T-Rex Illusion Will Blow Your Mind

This little guy’s big eyes may make him look all cute and innocent, but move around the room and he becomes slightly creepy. The illusion seriously blew our minds:

Its creator, YouTube user Brusspup, made the illusion out of cardboard. It took about two weeks to complete.

Brusspup uses the “hollow face illusion” to trick your brain. This illusion works because your brain assumes that anything resembling a face is popping out at you, rather than sunken in, which is why you fall for this charming dinosaur.

In fact, the snout of the image is at an 90-degree angle to the rest of the head, not flat in line with them. The video posted on YouTube last month has recieved more than 7,000,000 views.

“An important factor in making the illusion work is proper lighting. I had about twelve lights in the room at various angles. I did many video tests to get the lighting just right,” Brusspup wrote in an email to Business Insider.

Here’s what it looks like with 8 smaller dinosaurs all staring you down at once:

“The most difficult part was constructing the larger version of the dinosaur. No local print shop could print a single image of the dinosaur, so I had to split it into three images, print them and splice them together. I also had to build the support out of cardboard. I used a ton of hot glue,” Brusspup said.

Here’s the whole video. Brusspup shows the secret to the illusion in the video below around 1:30 mark.

And a similar illusion:

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