T-Mobile and Sprint are spiking following reports they're discussing a merger

Shares of T-Mobile and Sprint are both spiking after CNBC reported that the two wireless carriers are reportedly in talks of a possible merger for the third time.

The two were previously discussing a merger as recently as February, before talks broke off.

T-Mobile jumped as high as 4.17% in trading Tuesday morning, while Softbank-controlled Sprint spiked 7.83%.

A merger of the two would be a stock-for-stock deal, with T-Mobile controlling shareholder Deutsche Telecom coming out with the most shares, CNBC says.

Talks between Sprint and other companies about a merger have been intermittent for years, with no success. Reuters reported in June that the carrier was in talks with cable companies Charter Communications and Comcast about a possible partnership, but the those were put on hold when SoftBank entered into exclusive negotiations with Charter and Comcast.

Three years ago, Sprint ended talks to acquire T-Mobile after antitrust regulators voiced opposition.

T-Mobile and Sprint are currently the third- and fourth-largest U.S. wireless were providers.

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