T-Mobile Slashes iPhone Price In Germany Up To 75% Ahead Of 3G

Now that we’re reasonably sure a new, ‘3G’ iPhone is coming within months, the current iPhone could be a tougher sell — especially in places where 3G smartphones are already the norm, like Western Europe.

Evidence: T-Mobile, Apple’s (AAPL) exclusive carrier partner in Germany, is cutting iPhone prices up to 75% through the end of June. Starting April 7, T-Mobile will cut iPhone prices 150 to 300 Euros depending on the price of the monthly plan you sign up for, from the current 399 Euro price.

Subscribers signing up for a 29 Euro monthly plan will be able to buy an 8-gigabyte iPhone for 249 Euros, while those signing up for a 89 Euro monthly plan will be able to pick up an 8-gig iPhone for 99 Euros. (Other plans get other discounts.)

Do we expect similar cuts in the U.S.? No. Apple’s having a hard enough time keeping their gadgets on the shelves here. But we expect them to cut the price of the current iPhone to $299 when they roll out the 3G iPhone in a few months.

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