Hmmm... Is T-Mobile Finally Going To Get The iPhone?*

Apple bloggers are becoming just as cryptic as the company itself nowadays.

Today at 9 To 5 Mac, Seth Weintraub reports T-Mobile UK’s internal system shows “iPhone X,” which seems to be a placeholder for the iPhone 5. Nothing too shocking there. Everyone is expecting a new iPhone to be announced this week.

Weintrab also reports, there’s an 8 GB iPhone X listed in the internal system. Most people believe the iPhone 5 will not come as an 8 GB model. So, this would be a surprise. Or, maybe it’s just a new version of the iPhone 4S. Who knows? 

All of that is pretty straightforward. Here’s what’s not. Weintraub writes at the end of his post, “PS, we have a pretty strong suspicion that this isn’t the last T-Mobile iPhone news you’ll be hearing today.”

This would seem to suggest we might hear about T-Mobile in the U.S. somehow getting support for the iPhone. It has never supported the iPhone. T-Mobile and Apple haven’t been able to reach a deal for T-Mobile to carry the iPhone. It’s the only major U.S. carrier without the phone.

This isn’t the first time Weintraub has hinted at bigger news. On August 13, in a discussion on Branch, he wrote about the iPad Mini, “As far as the Mini is concerned, I think there are some bezel surprises ahead ;).”

The very next day, Weintraub, as well as many other Apple bloggers all other reported the iPad mini would have thin edges, allowing it to have a larger screen than its rivals while maintaining a smaller case size.

So, while we’re not sure what Weintraub means by his cryptic hint, our guess based on his previous style is that we might hear about the iPhone on T-Mobile.

UPDATE: Here’s the T-Mobile news. T-Mobile is encouraging people to buy unlocked iPhones and then come into T-Mobile to find out how to use them. This seems sort of desperate on T-Mobile’s part.

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