T-Mobile CEO Got Kicked Out Of AT&T's CES Rager After A Tweet Gave Him Away

Annual technology conference CES is happening right now in Las Vegas, which means a lot of companies are throwing massive parties complete with celebrity entertainment.

One especially big party last night was held by AT&T, where the singer Macklemore performed. It lured a lot of people including T-Mobile CEO John Legere.

Legere showed up to the event with a black leather jacket zipped over his iconic pink T-shirt. He made it through the front door with a reported entourage which included T-Mobile CFO Braxton Carter.

Inside, Legere stopped to take a photo with CNET reporter Roger Cheng, whom he gave bunny ears. Cheng tweeted the image noting that Legere had crashed the party.

A few minutes later, Legere was asked to leave. He was escorted out by people he calls “gigantic goons.” The “goons” told him if he didn’t leave he would be charged with trespassing, according to Re/Code’s Ina Fried.

AT&T and T-Mobile have been combative lately. Legere often pokes fun of his competitor on Twitter; AT&T recently ran a promotion offering hundreds of dollars in credit to T-Mobile customers who switch to AT&T.

So what was Legere thinking when he snuck into the party?

“I just wanted to hear Macklemore,” he tells Re/Code.

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