T. BOONE PICKENS: 'There's A Lot More Energy In The World Than I Ever Imagined'

T. Boone Pickens

Photo: T. Boone

Energy guru T. Boone Pickens recently told a conference of energy experts that “there’s a lot more energy in the world than I ever imagined.”  This is according to DallasNews.com’s Elizabeth Souder.Speaking at Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute’s Energy Summit, the BP Capital chairman said that in five years, the power wielded by OPEC will have been greatly reduced as a result of America’s hydraulic fracturing boom, which has allowed hydrocarbon extraction in previously untapped regions of the country.

“”You, me, and the rest of America are sitting on a huge change in energy globally,” he said.

Read Souder’s full report here on DallasNews.com

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