T. Boone Pickens Returns Concrete Slab

t. boone pickens slab

Accused thief and vandal (and energy investor) T. Boone Pickens has returned a concrete slab that his name engraved on it to the ranch where his guys took it from.

For those new to the story, the legendary oilman was recently accused of theft when he had some people working for him drive to his boyhood ranch and steal this slab of concrete, upon which he had engraved his name as a child.

While T. Boone certainly has the right to feel a sentimental attachment towards it, he has no actual right to the slab once the house has been sold — assuming there isn’t a specific rider.

The Oklahoman: Pickens had the concrete trucked to the city from his Texas ranch, where his crews moved it in early July.

“It is not a concrete solution, but it puts us on the right path to cementing our relationship with the city,” Jay Rosser, spokesman for Pickens, said Wednesday.

Who owns the piece of 3-by-5 foot concrete will be determined in the courtroom.

David McCart, the owner of Pickens’ grandmother’s former home where the concrete slab was cut out of the driveway, said he intends to request a court date to determine who owns the concrete.

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