BOONE PICKENS: ‘This is the strangest two candidates I’ve ever seen’

Photo: Getty

T. Boone Pickens has weighed in on the on-going presidential campaign.

At the 2016 Concordia Summit, moderator Tom Brokaw noted that “we’re in the midst of the most chaotic presidential campaign I have ever covered,” and subsequently asked the billionaire energy tycoon about his “feeling about the future of America.”

“It scares the hell out of you. This is the strangest two candidates I’ve ever seen,” Pickens responded to Brokaw.

He continued:

“You have one — every day, every day uncover another set of lies. And you have the other one — that peculiar guy. Let me tell you, I didn’t think he’d ever get off the ground when he announced. I really didn’t think he was serious — that he was running for president. But he came in at a time that seems to be perfect for his skills. And that is, the country’s fed up with what we have.”

Notably, Bloomberg reported last week that Pickens said he plans on supporting Trump financially before the election, although has not given him any money yet.

Moreover, at the SALT economic conference in Las Vegas in May, the billionaire stated: “Yes, I’m for Donald Trump. … I’m tired of having politicians as president of the US.”

“I’m ready to take a chance on it,” he added. “And just in case it’s a mistake, [I’ll] be gone.”

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