T. Boone Pickens Would Trade Places With Any Kid In America And Become A Billionaire All Over Again

Some rich people think they could start all over again and still get rich.

T. Boone Pickens is one of these people, and he said as much in a striking graduation speech, as described to Business Insider’s Rob Wile:

“I was giving a commencement address at my grandson’s graduation from St. Stephens & St. Agnes in Alexandria, Virginia, and I looked at the graduates that were sitting there and I felt like they were drifting off, and we were getting close to lunch, and they were thinking ‘why doesn’t this guy shut up and we’ll go eat.’ I said to them, I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll make you an offer today. I will trade my spot for your spot. And they go ‘what is he talking about?’ Of course I couldn’t do it, but I said you’re sitting there, you want to figure out how you can get rich like I am, have a ranch, have an aeroplane, have a lot of money: ‘how can I do what he did?’ Right here [snap] I’ll trade with you. I said I’ll come and sit there and put on your graduation hat and you take this and you get the aeroplane, you get the ranch, whole deal. I said you are in the spot i’d like to have. To be 18 years old, to be you and start out again.”

Pickens discusses the keys to success in the rest of the interview:

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