Russia’s New Stealth Fighter Is Forced To Abort Takeoff At Moscow Air Show


[credit provider=”AP”]

Just days after its public unveiling, Russia’s new stealth T-50 was forced to abort its final exhibition flight at the Moscow Air Show Sunday.According to the Associated Press, the jet suffered a malfunction in its right engine and the pilot deployed a brake parachute to bring the craft to a halt (via Stars and Stripes).

The planes manufacturer United Aircraft Building Corp. confirmed the details saying the jet was travelling at 60 mph when the malfunction occurred.

Last weeks debut flight brought worldwide attention to the T-50, the first new Russian fighter developed since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

The engine problems have been a source of great frustration to Russian engineers and have fuelled collaboration with Indian firms who the Russians hope will finalise the design and prove an open market for T-50 sales.

Two T-50’s are currently under testing with two more expected to join their ranks later this year.

Intended to match the U.S. F-22 Raptor the T-50 is slated for full production in 2015.

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