This photo of a Syrian refugee kissing his son in the rain is utterly heartbreaking

This picture of a Syrian refugee kissing his son as he carries him in the rain toward the Macedonian border is the latets devastating reminder of the migrant crisis that’s hammering Europe.

The picture, taken by Yannis Behrakis for Reuters, shows how the refugee walks in the middle of the road in the torrential rain that has been pouring down in Greece. 

The refugees in the picture are on their way to Macedonian border, which Macedonia sealed off as the number of asylum seekers has been growing.

The authorities in Macedonia have been heavily criticised for using tear gas and stun grenades as they forced them away from their southern border with Greece. 

On Tuesday, the UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon urged leaders to act responsibly towards the asylum seekers and reminded them that “refugees fleeing war and violence… have a right to seek asylum without any form of discrimination,” AFP reported.

Tensions between European leaders and between refugees and police officers have been flaring in recent weeks as the number of asylum seekers coming into Europe keeps growing. 

NOW WATCH: Macedonian police fired tear gas and stun grenades at refugees fleeing ISIS

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