A group of Syrian refugees made a rap video about their journey across Europe -- so we spoke to them about it

A group of Syrian rappers have recorded their journey from Aleppo to Europe and turned it into a rap song. 

AlBsmehAl3Rbieh, is a group of six rappers from Aleppo that formed in 2010, as Syria headed towards the civil war that has ravaged the country. The rappers all met while they were studying and have been producing music ever since. 

Mohamad Saleh, one of the members of the group, left war-torn Syria six months ago with his family. He told Business Insider he lived in Turkey for one month before making his way to Germany. He started his journey in Lebanon, then went through Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, and Austria to finally reach Germany. 

Only three of the band members travelled to Europe. When Saleh arrived in Greece, they decided to make a song about the Syrian refugees’ journey to Europe, to show and sing about how they are crossing all those different countries.

They shot the videos with their phones, in the different countries through which they travelled and edited it in when they arrived Germany. Some parts of the video were also shot in Syria, where some of the group’s members remain. 

The song, Saleh told us, is about his travel to Europe, the struggles of those who cannot leave Syria and what life is like for Syrians in Turkey. 

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