This Is What Happens When A Syrian Warplane Bombs A Town

The Telegraph has put together some amateur footage that shows Syrian aircraft dropping bombs on what is said to be the town of Yabroud, located about 49 miles north of Damascus.

It’s unclear if there were any casualties. Nevertheless the town is irrevocably changed the moment munitions hit it.

Since July Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has used his air superiority to relentlessly bomb newly “liberated” areas in the country to create dire conditions for the opposition and the population.

“The air force is extremely important for Assad right now,” said Joseph Holliday, a Syria analyst at the Washington-based Institute for the Study of War, told The Associated Press. “It has allowed Assad to prevent rebels from establishing a part of Syria where people can be safe and the opposition can focus on governing the place.”

A recent investigation by Human Rights Watch (HRW) found the Syrian Air Force “has repeatedly carried out indiscriminate, and in some cases deliberate, air strikes against civilians.”

The video also shows damage to buildings and the rescuing of children in the nearby town of Douma.

The video cannot be independently verified.

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