Syria: We Will Forget That Europe Is On The Map


Photo: ap

Syria’s foreign minister Wallid Moallem struck out Wednesday against his country’s foreign critics, according to the AP.He targeted the EU, which recently imposed sanctions on Syria and President Assad for violence against protestors. Moallem said Syria was freezing its membership in the Euromed alliance, and that:

“Sanctions target the livelihood of Syrian people, and that amounts to an act of war. We will forget that Europe is on the map and we will look east, south and toward every hand that is extended to us. The world is not just made up of Europe.”

Moallem had harsh words for France as well, Syria’s former colonial ruler. He accused France of having a “colonialist agenda under the guise of human rights.” Although France is spearheading the effort to have the UN speak out against Damascus’ alleged human rights violations, in the past, Nicholas Sarkozy was seen as supportive to Syria and the Assad regime. The AP reports that he visited Syria twice in 2008-2009.

This comes a day after seven people were killed in Syria in clashes between pro and anti government demonstrators.

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