Britain is debating on whether to bomb ISIS in Syria right now

David Cameron sadNew StatesmanBritain’s Prime Minister David Cameron.
  • The debate in the House of Commons starts at 11.30 a.m. GMT and lasts until 10 p.m.
  • Politicians will vote on whether to bomb ISIS in Syria around 10 p.m. this evening
  • The latest YouGov poll shows that 48% of Britons approve air strikes, 31% disapprove, while the rest remained undecided as of December 1.

The live feed from the House of Commons debate is here:

Britain’s government is about to start the debate on whether the country should join the alliance with the US in bombing ISIS (also known as the Islamic State) in Syria.

The debates, which were given the green light only yesterday, will last for 10.5 hours and will be immediately followed by a vote. The Conservative-led government indicated that if the vote results in approval for a bombing campaign in Syria, British fighter jets could be deployed by the end of this week.

It is largely believed that politicians will approve the air strike action on Syria because Prime Minister David Cameron said last week that he would only push for vote if he was almost certain it would go ahead. He said that risking a no vote could end up being a propaganda win for ISIS militants.

A YouGov poll published this morning delivered some key points as to where the public, politicians and the main party leaders stand on the issue:

  • 360 MPs, including 50 from the Labour benches, are in favour of a bombing while 170 are against.
  • Most of the public support a bombing on Syria — but approval is slipping: 48% approve, 31% disapprove, while the rest are undecided.
  • Those who voted Labour in May have now changed their minds — moving from majority support: On November 17, 52% approved of RAF air strikes on ISIS in Syria while 26% opposed it. As of December 1,  35% now approve while 42% disapprove. 

  • Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party, is bleeding in approval ratings: Only 24% say he is doing well as a leader and 65% say he is doing badly.
  • Approval ratings for Prime Minister David Cameron, and leader of the Conservative party, is neutral but diminishing Labour support is boosting support for the Tories: Recent voting intention figures put Conservatives at 41% to Labour’s 30%. This lead of 11 is a four point improvement on the general election result.   

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