Syracuse runner loses shoe in the middle of a 1,500-meter championship race, wins anyway

Syracuse freshman Justyn Knight won the 1,500 meter race at the ACC track championship this weekend with only one shoe.

According to Chris Carlson of, Knight lost his shoe midway through the race, but pushed on and finished in first place by sixth-hundredths of a second.

“I went to the front, someone took off my shoe by accident, and then I just had to fight for the rest of it, and I was able to close strong.” Knight said after the race. “It was tough because I didn’t have any grip, but I knew I didn’t wanna come second without a shoe, so I had to come first.”

Athletics Canada caught the moment where Knight’s shoe fell off:

Knight was leading the pack, even without his shoe:

And he came down the stretch run pushing hard, shoeless:

Knight tweeted about it afterward, too: