Legendary Syracuse Coach Jim Boeheim Says He Has ‘Never Enjoyed Coaching’

jim boeheim

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Despite another successful trip to the Sweet 16, Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim continues to show off that curmudgeon personality that’s gained him notoriety.Boeheim spoke to the Washington Post‘s John Feinstein, revealing that coaching isn’t exactly his thing (via Larry Brown Sports).

“I have never enjoyed coaching.”

The comment came in response to Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski suggesting they would have to drag Boeheim off the court before he retired because he loves coaching.

Boeheim did qualify that comment by saying that success, not coaching, is what satisfies him. He also added that a coach’s plight is much like that of a surgeon.

“I hope someday if I need an operation, when that doctor walks into the operating room he’s not there to enjoy himself.”

Never change Jimmy B.