The Real Reason 'Cuse Fans Should Be Angry About Moving To The ACC

syracuse basketball dome

News that Syracuse University was leaving the Big East for the ACC broke the hearts of Syracuse basketball fans everywhere. There are a lot of basketball traditions and great rivalries in the Big East.

‘Cuse fans shouldn’t worry about that so much though. Syracuse will play in even better games against ACC teams like Duke every year, and great rivalries will form again.

What Syracuse basketball fans should worry about is this:

“…in the effort to expand Syracuse’s branding as New York’s college team, Gross said he would be willing to aid in bringing the ACC to New York.”

That’s what athletic director Daryl Gross told Mike Waters of the Syracuse Post Standard. And what Gross means by that is he’s willing to play normal home games in Madison Square Garden or the new Brooklyn Nets stadium, instead of the Carrier Dome.

A basketball game in the Carrier Dome is a great experience, like no other. While MSG is and exciting venue and home to the Knicks, nothing quite compares to the Orange playing basketball at home in the Dome.

Jim Boeheim said: “We absolutely would not take conference games to New York City.” But Gross still says otherwise.

Boeheim isn’t happy about this, and Syracuse basketball fans and players alike shouldn’t be either.

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