Synchronoss (SNCR) Soaring A Year After IPO


Synchronoss Technologies, a Bridgewater, N.J.-based company that sells transaction-management software to teleco service providers like AT&T and Time Warner Cable, sent out a press release this morning with a summary of a roundtable discussion about “The Race For The Digital Home,” featuring execs from Comcast, Cablevision and Level 3 Communications. A reasonably interesting roundup, but it’s about an event that happened last month so hard to argue that it’s timely. You can check it out at your leisure here.

More compelling is the performance of Synchronoss shares since their IPO a year ago: With a hiccup here and there, shares have gone from less than $7 a year ago to near $36 today, hitting the $40 mark along the way. Last quarter, the company earned $5.4 million on $31.3 million of revenue, a 280% earnings increase and 80% revenue increase from 2Q06. Synchronoss has recently announced some big deals, including a multi-year contract to provide the software used to activate all of Apple’s iPhones for AT&T. Presumably investors don’t hold Synchronoss responsible for the widely reported foulups involved in the iPhone activation process.