Sydney's weather is setting a whole bunch of new records - and it looks like more to come

Photo: Daniel Munoz/ Getty Images.

It’s been a warm start to Autumn in Sydney, so we checked with the Bureau of Metorology (BOM) to find out by just how much.

Here are some statistics that will have you putting your winter coat away for a while yet.

  • This first half of May is the warmest on record for maximum temperatures in Sydney, and areas east of the Great Dividing Range.
  • April and March 2016 were in the top five warmest on record for both Sydney and all of New South Wales.
  • Sydney is currently experiencing the longest spell of nights with a temperature of greater than 12°C. That’s 230 nights in total. The previous record of 217 nights was set in October 2004-2005.

BOM forecaster Katrina Kovacevic attributes the abnormal temperatures to a weather pattern known as El Nino.

“We’re at the tail end of El Nino, which is associated with warmer days,” she said.

“Warmer sea surface temperatures along the coast are also a contributing factor to warmer temperatures.”

Most interestingly is that the average maximum temperature in Sydney for May is 19.5°C. Today, May 17’s top was 28°C.

Kovacevic told Business Insider that the warmer temperature trend is considerable and will most likely result in some sort of seasonal record.

“The climate outlook is saying warm days and nights are favoured over May to July,” she said.

That’s right, midwinter. While things could change, the long-term outlooks says no for now.

“These outlooks are subject to updates… they can be quite broad, but the odds are favoured to be warmer,” Kovacevic said.

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