Sydney’s Taronga Zoo has bred five tiny Feathertail Glider joeys ‘the size of half a grain of rice’

Photo: Madeleine Smitham/ Taronga Zoo Facebook.

Sydney’s Taronga Zoo has added at least five tiny Feathertail Glider joeys to its animal collection.

The world’s smallest gliders measuring “the size of half a grain of rice” grow up to 8cm in length and are often mistaken for mice since they are so small.

They can glide up to 25 metres and typically live on the east coast of Australia.

“When they’re born they’re only the size of half a grain of rice. They then spend about 63 days in the pouch emerging furless and blind. The mothers only weigh 15 grams, so by the time the joeys reach nestling size mum’s feet wouldn’t touch the ground,” sad Australian fauna keeper Rob Dockerill.

Taronga Zoo was the first zoo to breed the marsupials in 1988 and since then, has bred up to 200 joeys.

Here’s a video of them below.

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