Sydney’s Tank Stream Labs has done a deal with a startup that turns restaurants into co-working spaces

TwoSpace’s Rob Walker and Tashi Dorjee, with TSL’s Bradley Delamare. (Source: supplied)

TwoSpace, an Australian startup that turns restaurants and bars during the daytime into co-working spaces, has announced a new partnership with Sydney’s Tank Stream Labs.

The startup revealed that its subscribers are now able to access Tank Stream Lab’s downtown Sydney office – home to digital companies like Braintree, BuzzFeed and Equitise — while Tank Stream tenants can now work out of any TwoSpace venue.

Tank Stream Labs chief executive Bradley Delamare said that the deal came about out of a desire to support flexible working arrangements for its tenants.

“A lot of our members have clients all over the city and we believe they can greatly benefit from having bases in a number of key locations,” he said.

“We think it’s important that we’re constantly innovating too — just like the startups that work from our space. Developing new flexible work options is a key value-add we can offer our members that help make their lives easier as they look to scale their young businesses.”

Kings Cross Hotel, while TwoSpace has taken over. (Source: supplied)

TwoSpace, the brainchild of Tashi Dorjee and Rob Walker, launched in October as a platform that allows startup staff or self-employed workers to cheaply get working space in centrally located bars and restaurants while they’re closed for business. The owners of the facilities get a chance to earn an income during times of the day when they’d usually be empty and unproductive.

Dorjee said that the company aimed to create working environments that had the same feel as permanent venues such as Tank Stream Labs.

“When you’re launching your own business or working as a freelancer, it can be quite isolating. Our aim is to create the same kind of positive, innovative environment in our spaces that has been created in longstanding startup hubs,” he said.

“We have identified the key areas of Sydney that entrepreneurs and freelancers are looking to have a base in and partnered with well-loved venues to make that happen.”

The TwoSpace website currently shows desks available in downtown Sydney, Potts Point and Darlinghurst, while a Manly location is set to open next week and a Brunswick East venue in Melbourne will launch May 2. Other sites in Sydney and Melbourne are in the works, while the startup revealed it has also sent staff out to Singapore.

Havana Beach at Manly, which TwoSpace will start using on April 24. (Source: supplied)

Ross Hall, general manager at Kings Cross Hotel, said that renting space out to TwoSpace has allowed the business to engage with a completely new demographic.

“It’s a great way of activating our fantastic rooftop space during the day and bringing like-minded people together to create big ideas. We’re always looking for new ways to connect with our neighbours and with TwoSpace on board, we’ve been to introduce Kings Cross Hotel to a new audience.”