Sydney’s Opera House is joining the sharing economy party, partnering with Airbnb

Photo: Brett Stevens.

Airbnb is teaming up with the Sydney Opera House, in a new partnership which hopes to cement the city at the forefront of global tourist destinations.

The online accommodation site describes the two-year partnership as one of the “most important relationships Airbnb has entered into”. It will focus on promoting one of Australia’s most iconic landmarks to domestic and international travellers which already sees 8.2 million visitors each year.

“The fabulous thing about this partnership is that we’re both about communities — Airbnb is about building communities of people who can travel around the world in each other’s houses — this is the world’s greatest house and we’re all about building communities with the many things that we have on offer,” Opera House chief executive Louise Herron told The Australian.

The Opera House, which has performances by Florence + the Machine, Chet Faker and Tame Impala coming up, will give thousands of Airbnb hosts who have the highest ratings on the site, the chance to tour the Opera House, which recently celebrated its 42nd birthday.

“It’s arguably one of the most important relationships Airbnb has entered into,” said Australian country manager Sam McDonagh.

“And I think this is an indication not only of the forward thinking of the Sydney Opera House Trust, but of the NSW ­government and where Australia is heading in terms of embracing the sharing economy.”

While the partnership hasn’t raised the possibility of letting visitors book for a night’s stay in one of the world’s most iconic performing arts centres, the option remains on the table, according to the Australian.

“Too many people come here, stand on the forecourt, take a photo and leave, and there is so much that happens here and what we are really trying to do is crack the place open,” said Herron.

“We’re trying to say, ‘This is the people’s house, come on in’ … and the next generation, that is the demographic that Airbnb is ­focused on.”

The rental giant recently reached a milestone hosting more than 2 million guests in Australia with a quarter of Australia’s Airbnb stays based in Sydney.